Chorus in 4’11"


four-channel video installation

dimension variable

In a more globalised world than ever, collision and fusion of contemporary cultures have profoundly affected the way we speak, listen, and communicate. In Chorus in 4’11”, participants from different cultural background are invited to choose and sing a song in front of the camera. One listens to the song of his or hers, while the others listen to the songs of  the strangers. Putting the earphones on to listen and interpret, we will meet through the rhythm, the beat, and the sound. 


In chorus in 4’11”, each performer comes from a different cultural background while each selects a song for him/herself, in which the duration for each song is edited to the same as the others. 4’11” is so the collective average duration. Thus, each of them was asked to perform songs selected by each other like a blind audition, where they listen to the song in the earphones and try to interpret simultaneously by making verbal sound. Each channel carries a random playlist by one of the performers. All devices hence start at the same time to produce a collective song. 

Screenshot 2021-02-20 at 4.44.20 PM.png