Chuan Lok, Shawn Pak Hin Tang
In Memory of Someone Ever Fell Into Your Embrace
Site-specific installation, fabric, sewing, fallen leaves
dimension variable

There was a water fountain at the Communication and Visual Art building. Until one afternoon, a disabled person on wheelchair was found accidentally fallen into the water fountain. Eventually, the water fountain was brutally taken off by Estate Office to avoid anymore similar incident and sooner replaced the water fountain with the artificial lawn. 


People did not know the reason behind the transformation even though everyone thought that the water fountain was better than now. The water fountain, the water, has become an intangible body and memory. Even we tried many ways to give it back the element we cared about, the water, we understand that the water fountain is not coming back. 


We studied the environment. There are leaves and flowers falling off the trees along seasonal changes and some gravitated into the artificial lawn. 

If there were still water, the leaves and water would float along the water current, it was of course not going to happen again. 


Therefore, what we did was to memorise it through process. We tried to mimic the water wave using the fabric and we sewed pieces into one big piece, like the last dress for the water fountain. We meditated through sewing and then we collected every leave and flower that had fallen into the fabric as to commemorate the water fountain one last time.