Two Suns 


Light boxes, polariser films, BooBox Flex controller  

Set of two light boxes, 140 × 90 × 8 cm each, 8 min 31 sec, looped 


Two Suns is an abstract representation of two relationships.  

The first one started when the artist’s grandfather left their house and started living in an elderly home. It was then that the artist felt the presence of his grandfather for the very first time.  

The second relationship unveiled itself during a visit the artist paid to the elderly home. His grandfather recalled the days when he moved to Hong Kong on his own, and mentioned a lady he would never forget. Despite their mutual feeling towards each other, she left hastily and got married in Hawaii.  

Now they are 18 hours away, decades apart. 

‘If you had never left, we would be living under the same sun.’ 


300 dpi shawn tang pak hin.jpg
DSCF0218 (1).JPG